FAST FIVE: Best Day Drinking Spots in Rhode Island

Resident “alcohol enthusiast” Kim Zandy from Giovanni & Kim in the Morning breezes through her five favorite spots to enjoy a beverage on that hot summer day off.

If you want to hang out with a bunch of friends…

Hot Club
575 South Water St. Providence, RI
(401) 861-9007

• Show up still dressed from work, or hang out in flip flops, they don’t care.

• Let the bartender surprise you with their signature shot.  Haven’t had a bad one yet!

• Great eats if you find you need to soak up a few of those shots!


If you want to catch up with your very best BFF…

Chapel Grille
3000 Chapel View Boulevard

• Their gorgeous patio makes you feel like you’re at home…except with way better landscaping. Or maybe it’s just way better than my landscaping.

• Their iconic cocktail list includes The Temptation, Purgatory, and Penance.  Yep, my kinda place!

• The waitstaff knows how to recommend a great wine, even if you have no idea what words like Autolytic, Typicity, and Linalool mean.


If you want to have your toes in the sand…

Ballard’s Inn
42 Water Street
Block Island
(401) 466-2231
• Three words:  Pitcher of Mudslides.

• One more word:  Delicious

 Bonus:  You can also fill your “if you want to have a drink on a boat” requirement on the way over.


If you’re looking for a little love in your life…

One Finance Way

(401) 272-1040

• Best views of Waterfire.  Particularly useful if you or your date aren’t all that much to look at.

 Martini Madness on Fridays.  ‘Nuff said.

• Super cool and comfy chairs you won’t want (or won’t be able) to get out of.  Ever.



If you want to pretend you’re a Powerball Winner…

Castle Hill
Castle Hill
590 Ocean Ave.

• I can barely afford a drink here, and you need to be a bit dressed up to do it, but the view from the terrace is totally worth it.

• They have a “lawn menu”.  I feel fancy just saying it.

• You’ll find wines, beers, and liquors on their menu that you won’t find anywhere else.  And you’ll love every single one of them!  Just not all at one sitting, please.  We’re trying to be fancy, for crying out loud.



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