Dog Lost for 2 Years Makes His Way Home

By Missy Hardesty, 92PROFM.COM

This is a real-life Homeward Bound story, and it couldn’t be more heartwarming.

Erin & Nathan Braun’s family dog Murphy got scared off on a camping trip in 2012 in Tahoe National Forest in California. After posting flyers and trying to spread the word, it seemed that all hope was lost.

20 months passed when the Brauns received word that a dog matching Murphy’s description had been spotted at French Meadows Reservoir – about five miles from their original camping spot.

The family left Murphy’s bed and some of their clothes at the camp site in hopes of him catching their familiar scent – and it worked! Murphy snuggled up in his bed & his owners’ clothes for the next few nights until the campground host could lead him into a kennel – nearly two years after being separated from his family. He’s now safe & sound back home with Erin & Nathan, according to a recent Facebook update.

Watch the video now:

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PET TIP: If your pet ever goes missing, I highly recommend leaving out some of your clothing & your pet’s bed or blanket & favorite food around the last place they were seen. It worked for Murphy’s family – and it also worked for me. My cat Binx ran out of the house to chase a stray. He was gone for a few days, and I was worried since he wasn’t used to the outdoors. I left my sweatshirt and some of Binx’s food at the edge of our yard, and he ended up finding his way back! <3 – Missy


Missy Hardesty – Entertainment News Contributor
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