One Direction, Danny DeVito Get Surreal in the Desert with “Steal My Girl” Video

SYCO/ColumbiaOne Direction’s video for “Steal My Girl” has just been released, and it shows once again that the guys definitely do not take themselves too seriously.

In the clip, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis emerge from their trailer in the desert on the set of their video shoot, wondering where the director is.  That’s when the pretentious director, played by actor/director DannyDeVito, pulls up in a car and starts talking about how he’s going to help the guys take it to “the next level,” declaring, “We’re here in the name of art.  We’re here to commit ourselves to a higher form of expression.” 

“Today, we bring life to the desert!” he concludes, and then informs each member of the group what they’ll be representing in the video: Harry will be Love, Niall will be Light, Liam will be Power, Louis will be Danger, and Zayn will be Mystery.   The director says, “First you have to destroy your inhibitions. First you destroy: then you create. Balls!”

Cut to a shot of Liam destroying a series of floating silver balls, which spell out the word “inhibition.” Then things get really weird.  There are sumo wrestlers, a chimp, a marching band, dancing women, African tribesmen, cans of paint, a giant cage, balloons, hula hoops, women with parasols, and a rainstorm. 

When this whole Bizarro-world Cirque du Soleil spectacle is over, the director yells “Cut!,” turns to the camera, shrugs and says, “That was all right.”

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