Taylor Swift Says New Album, “1989,” Is “The Best Thing I’ve Done”

ABC/Ida Mae AstuteTaylor Swift’s new album, 1989, is now in stores. She’s described it as her first official pop album, and says making it was the next logical step in her artistic journey from her country-pop roots.

“I think that this felt like the most sonically cohesive thing to do. This felt like the most authentic thing for me to follow because I’ve been playing around with pop sensibilities with my writing for the last couple of years,” Taylor said on Monday’s Good Morning America.

“I could have made Red twice,” she continued, referring to her last album. “I could have done the same thing over again but, instead, I decided to go in a completely different direction, and I’m so happy that I did because the fans are truly going to get a new album.”

So far, 1989 has garnered rave reviews, which makes Taylor very happy.

“I feel so without a doubt [that] this is the best thing I’ve done — so to have people able to finally have it now and to have the fans understand what I’ve been working on for two years, it’s just the most amazing feeling,” Taylor said.

Taylor paid particular attention to her fans even before 1989 was released, inviting groups of them into her homes across the country for secret listening sessions.  Amazingly, those fans didn’t say a word about the experience.

“These fans heard the album a month ahead of time and they didn’t leak anything. They didn’t tell any secrets,” said Taylor. “It was so amazing and it was such a bonding experience.”

Taylor will be back on ABC’s Good Morning America on Thursday for a performance.  She’s on The Voice Monday and Tuesday, The Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday night, and The View on Thursday.

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