8 Rhode Island Beers We’re Glad Don’t Exist

Pairing two things that Rhode Islander’s love, Dels and Narragansett or Autocrat and Narragansett, are fantastic ideas.

That got us to thinking…what would be some pairings that might not be so good?

So we present to you…eight Rhode Island themed beers we’re glad didn’t make their debut this year.

1. Hot Wiener Hefeweizen

Experience a taste of “3 all the way” with just one sip.

2. Pothole Winter Ale

Brewed directly in the gaping holes throughout the streets of Rhode Island, this frosty ale is guaranteed to please.

3. Providence Scrap Metal Microbrew

Like Goldschlager’s flecks of gold? Then you’ll love the fist-sized chunks of metal in this new hometown brew.

4. Big Blue Bug Belgian Wheat

Nibbles Woodaway graciously tests every pint by swimming in each glass served to ensure maximum quality.

5. Scarborough Beach Red Tide Reserve


6. Johnston Landfill Summer Ale

Like taking the 6-10 connector on a hot day, you’ll recognize the scent (and taste) from a mile away.

7. Scituate Reservoir IPA

Lovingly extracted from the reservoir, this blend sits dormant for just under 37 years in our special cask prior to hitting store shelves.

8. Calamari Craft Ale

Next stop: The official state drink! Featuring a marinara rimmer & floating banana peppers, this is sure to please almost no one.

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