Providence’s First Specialty Doughnut Shop Opening in May


Are you ready for some doughnuts? PVDonuts that is.

PVDonuts has been showing off their crafty doughnuts throughout Providence at various stores and events, as well as on social media for over a year and they just announced that they will be opening up the first specialty doughnut shop in the city on May 28th.

If you venture to their Instagram page you will see a plethora of images showing off the unique flavors they’ve created, such as Del’s lemonade, Pop Tart, Milk & Cookie, and even savory varieties topped with pulled pork or chicken salad. They have already built up quite a fan base for themselves here in Providence, with people lining up at pop up locations to get their hands on these limited batch goodies and selling out hundreds of doughnuts in just a couple of hours.

The Grand Opening is likely to be a success, so if you’re planning to attend you may want to get there early since they open at 9am and close when the last doughnut is sold. The menu has yet to be announced, but one can expect some new delicious flavors that will hopefully wow the taste buds enough to merit a second (or third) visit.

What flavors are you hoping to see at the Grand Opening? Let us know in the comments!


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