Top 4 Picks for Apple Picking in RI

In my opinion, September marks the start of the best 4 months of the year. Once September rolls around, I just want every sign of summer to be gone and replaced by pumpkins, boots, and sweaters. Cliche, I know, but the crisp air and coziness of Autumn is something that would be welcome year-round.

One activity that really marks the start of fall in New England is apple picking. What’s better than a fall day spent with family or friends picking apples and drinking fresh cider? And don’t forget about the apple crisp that soon follows.

Have you ever smelled the delicious smell of apple crisp baking in the oven? I can only be certain that is what Heaven smells like.

If you are looking for the best places to pick-your-own this year, I have compiled a list of my top 4. While I have been to more than 4 places, not all of them have made the list. These are the ones that I have found to be the most charming, cost effective, and downright fun in our lovely apple filled state!

1. Jaswell’s Farm

aswell’s Farm via Facebookapple tree full
An apple-filled tree from one of my many trips to Jaswell’s Farm

Jaswell’s is situated in “Apple Valley” so it only makes sense that they are one of the best places to visit come apple picking season. They offer a wide variety of apple types starting in early September through October. They also offer pick-your-own pumpkins, making it a one-stop shop for all your fall picking needs. I especially like grabbing a jug of their delicious house-made apple cider from the farm stand whenever I go!

2. Dame Farm & Orchard

dame farm
Dame Farm via Facebook

dame farm veggies
A colorful variety of fresh veggies purchased at Dame Farm

I like to try new things, so even though my boyfriend protested going somewhere other than Jaswell’s, I really just wanted to see what else RI had to offer for orchards. This is where Dame Farm came into play, and it really is starting to be my go-to orchard.

I find that it has a little bit more of the small-time charm that is lacking at the more popular farms like Confreda and Jaswell’s. They have a wide assortment of apples to pick from (even Honeycrisp!) starting in late August, and they offer pick-your-own pumpkins, too. Don’t forget to grab some delicious veggies from their farm stand.

They also offer fun for the kids with wagon rides and a challenging corn maze.

3. Knight Farm

knight farm front
Knight Farm via Facebook
knight farm
Just look for the giant apple! via Knight Farm Facebook

Knight Farm was stumbled upon when I was going apple picking with a group and we wanted to get breakfast beforehand. After a short Google search for breakfast places near Jaswell’s (the orchard we intended on going to), I came across Knight Farm who actually has their own restaurant on the premises of the orchard. How’s that for convenient?

After a delicious breakfast, we purchased our tote and went on our merry apple-picking way with a short walk behind the building. While they only seemed to have one type of apple (Macintosh), it was a large orchard with plenty of trees to peruse. Even though our picking was cut short due to a little unexpected rain, Knight Farm did not disappoint! They also offer hayrides and ice cream for the kids.

4. Narrow Lane

*UPDATE: According to the Narrow Lane Facebook Page, they are unfortunately not able to offer pick-your-own for the 2016 Fall Season. For a full list of more local places to try, click here*

narrow lane
Narrow Lane via Facebooknarrow lane kid 
Photo Credit: Kristin Wheeler & EG Patch via Facebook

Narrow Lane Orchard is one I actually have not been to. It made the list, however, strictly on reviews I have heard from friends. It’s located in North Kingstown, making it a great choice for people living in the southern part of the state who don’t want to travel too far. I have also been told it’s very kid friendly, with a wide assortment of “short” trees that are easy for kids to reach and pick themselves. Narrow Lane also offers a wide variety of apples, along with other pick-your-own options like peaches and raspberries. 

There’s still a few places I have yet to try and I am always willing to add a new orchard to my list, so please share your favorite places to pick-your-own!

Also, a great guide for all the orchards in the area can be found here. Happy picking (and baking)!


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