Cranston West Boys Hockey


Congratulations to this week’s Showcase Cinemas High School Team of the Week: Cranston West Boys Hockey!

This week’s spotlight was sent in by Jane Perron:

Cranston West and Prout JV played this weekend and enabled a young man on the spectrum to score his first hockey goal. I saw this on Facebook and it is such a feel-good story. Hope these teams are considered for working together to help a young man in need. This is an article posted by his mom Kristin Blake Just a feel-good story this proud mom wanted to share!

“My son, Ryan, is a 15-year-old Sophomore at Cranston High School West and he has been a child diagnosed with PDD-NOS since he was 5. He lost his father when he was two but he never let any obstacle get in his way. He’s been on the hockey team for the second year and Last night his team and the opposing team gave my son the opportunity to score his first high school goal for the game. The kindness of these boys and their coaches is overwhelming. With all of the negativity going on in this world I’m so happy to share the kindness these boys and coaches show my son on a daily basis.”


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